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Avali Race Mod 0.12.4
Xemordio Offline Дата: Воскресенье, 24.06.2018, 11:53 | Сообщение # 1
Звание: Маршал [?]
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Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

To try summarise them with a single barrage of adjectives, it'd probably look something like this: "4-earred-diminutive-post-singularity-fluffy-nomadic-space-raptor-hunter-jerboa-bird-singers". So, instead I'll take a rather long approach.

The Avali, are nomadic pack hunters from an iceball world far outside the goldilocks zone of their local star. As such, they evolved with more of a focus on sound than eyesight, as such such have 4 very sensitive ears and, unsurprisingly a culture that values sound and music more than visual arts. Uplifted by another species (Albeit accidentally, their "benefactors" did try and wipe them out), they're now teetering on the brink of technological singularity, and and so display a paradoxical mixture of high-technology, and nomadic tribal culture.

So, if Avians are "Mayan Space Birds" or Hylotl are "Oriental Space Fish", then Avali are "Nomadic Space Raptors"

...they're still super fluffy though.
The mod is still in active development, and much remains to be done before it can be called feature-complete. However it already has a tonne of content and plenty more to come.

Custom character sprites: No humans with blue skin and nose ridges here. The Avali have completely original, digitigrade sprites.

Unique vanity system: Thanks to the fact standard gear is not compatible, the Avali have their own vanity system, which allows for some quite unique features, such as full-length bell cloaks, trailing scarves, or customisable arm-styles.

Custom Weapons and Armour: As should be expected with any race mod worth it's salt, but that's not all!

Weapon upgrades: Customise your racial weapons using tokens found by exploring. In future patches expect to see a whole weapon upgrade tree

Settlement Generation: Encounter Avali settlements and NPCs in the wilderness, trade with them to obtain access to Avali blueprints and racial crafting facilities even if your character is not themselves an Avali.

Unique settlement styles: Dozen of original props and materials help bring to life Avali style nomadic tent settlements.
Block crafting stations: Accessible to Avali characters from the outset, or to non-Avali by finding a settlement; these facilities allow you to craft your own Avali props and structural materials to create your own themed housing and decorations.

Full Dyemod Compatibility: Apply dyes to your props to change ont only colours, but patterns as well. A world of custiomisation awaits!

Unique food and flora: Very unique; including Starbounds only bio-luminescent plants.

Extensive and immersive lore: Although not in-game yet, there is literally an entire wiki of lore, and still growing. Examining and musing in depth upon the concepts, technology and culture of an alien species.​

in addition to what you expect of starbound, there's a few gizmos that'll be unfamiliar to you; here's where to find them and what they're for.

Simply unzip the contents of the file into your Starbound Mods folder. Typically program files/steam/steamapps/common/starbound/mods/

Do not use ModLoader
Delete your old installation of the Avali mod before installing updates
If you ignore these rules, Jetpack will laugh at you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is the option to make an Avali?
A: You will need a character creation extender installed to create a custom character. I recommend Kawa's extender

Q: How do I dye tent pieces, furniture etc?
A: This requires you to also have dyemod installed, don't worry, dye mod is multiplayer friendly, installing it will no cause compatibility issues.

Q: Where do I find Avali settlements?!
A: Anywhere. They count as a 'major dungeon' (like any other settlement such as UCSM bases, Avian tombs, or apex cities). As a rule of thumb if you find a big settlement on a planet that is not avali, there isn't going to be one on that planet and you should look elsewhere

Q: OMG y no rez anim!
A: The respawn animation is the single most involved file besides the intro cinematics, and has more frames of animation than the male and female character sprites put together. Therefore, it's currently lower on my list of priorities than things like weapons, armour, settlements and gun vendors... be patient.

Q: The ship is smaller than the default ships!
A: It's exactly the same dimensions, the roof cutaway is a visual trick. The interior space is same dimensions as the standard ships

Q: I don't like the roof cutaway in the ship!
A: I just told you, it's a visual trick. Cover that up if it bothers you

Q: How does armour work?
A: Avali-only vanity styles are obtainable via the nanoloom and Nanolathe The "armour" you craft via the anvil will produce armour inserts, which you can use to reinforce your vanity clothing but has no visual appearance of it's own.

Q: The avali in the screenies don't quite fit in...
A: The art style is being constantly refined, often screenshots are 2 or 3 versions behind the current style and admittedly earlier versions didn't fit well, worth looking for yourself first.
Generally speaking the Avali mod is highly compatible with all other mods. Provided they are formatted correctly there is unlikely to be any issues, ever. If a mod isn't listed below you can safely assume that it is compatible. The below mod list refers to mods that either make deliberate efforts to be more compatible, or have issues.

Dye Mod - Required to dye certain props
Catalina Industries - Requires having the Avali mod installed
Gardenbot - Supports Avali containers and crops.
Racial Crossover Mod - Supports Avali NPC's and players
H.A.R.M.O.N.Y v1.5 - Update to 1.6 to ensure compatibility
Moveable Containers - Requires this compatibility patch
Madtulip's Ship Mod - Partial support, works correctly, but no access to avali starter items. Still playable and highly recommended.
Directional Spears - Mod is compatible but of limited usefulness. Avali spears are already directional
Vocaloids - Incompatible, overwrites player.config (Author ignoring requests to fix)
Geth race mod - Incompatible, overwrites multiple files (Author is working on a fix)

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Форум » Игры // games » Starbound » ENG mods » Avali Race Mod 0.12.4
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