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Basemental Gangs 4.15.56 (16.05.2020)

(4.9 MB)

Автор: ??? 
  14.09.2019 · 14050 · 2228 · 6 · Версия файла: 4.15.56 · Версия игры: 1.62
  Обновлено: 18.05.2020 в 13:15 — Версия обновлена до 4.15.56
Опубликовал: 2024end

  1. Описание
Basemental Drugs 4.15.56 (16.05.2020) (PATREON)
Версия игры: 1.62.67

Русский перевод для версии 4.15.56 от trail_of_blood: Скачать
Русский перевод для версии 4.15.55 от anniells0356: Скачать
Русский перевод для версии 4.15.55: Скачать
Русский перевод для версии от esqdumper: Скачать
Русский перевод для версии Скачать

Ссылки на скачивания:
Basemental Gangs (08.10.2019)
Basemental Gangs (13.11.2019)
Basemental Gangs (16.01.2020)
Basemental Gangs 3.15.53 (08.02.2020)
Basemental Gangs 4.15.55 (09.04.2020)
Basemental Gangs 4.15.56 (16.05.2020) (Самая последняя версия)

Этот мод добавит в вашу игру настоящие группировки и банды!
Конкуренция между группировками, точечный контроль членов собственной банды, использование членов банды в качестве перевозчиков наркотиков, проведение операций из собственного штаба банды, эксклюзивные новые возможности от своей правой руки и многое, многое другое.

Добавлены телохранители! Теперь ваш персонаж будет в безопасности :)
Да и вообще, мод просто отлично дополнит мод Basemental Drugs (думаю, о нем все знают)
Basemental Gangs 4.15.55

Basemental Gangs 4.15.55

It's been a while since the last Gangs update, but I can assure you this is a good one. (At least according to.. well.. me) This update should solve most, if not all, the most common issues players have been having with Gangs. It's taken quite some time to find a good way to solve all these issues, but I think it's safe to say that this version will feel a lot more fluid.

This update changes the core game play, so read the How It Works section!

Manage Crew

  • Manage your gang through your phone
  • Hire or remove members at will
  • Mission tracking, individual or multiple


  • Fixed issue with locked doors for gang members
  • Fixed issue with Gangs error logging
  • Fixed potential bug with "Pass the Torch" Interaction
  • Fixed potential bugs with disband_gang cheats
  • Fixed bug with script for checking if Sim is gang leader
  • Fixed 2 Simkuza tutorial notifications not appearing
  • Sims that die will now loose their gang member status
  • New cheats added to enable Gangs
  • Removed "Replace Gang Members" reward traits
  • Removed a bunch of hidden traits
  • Made the mod more cheat friendly

Manage Crew

The hiring and removing of members is now done through a menu you access from your Sims phone, called "Manage Crew".


When you're starting out this will only list "Gang Members" until you have hired your first gang members. Once your Gang Skill Level gets higher you will get access to managing the other available members, as well as the mission tracker.


When you click on, say Gang Members you will have two options, "Hire" and "Remove" However, if you haven't hired anyone already you will only have the option to "Hire", and if you already hired three gang members you will only have the option to "Remove".

If you remove one gang member, you will be able to hire one more. If you remove two out of the three gang members you are allowed to have you will be able to hire two new ones, and so on.

Mission Tracking

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not a gang member is still out doing a mission or if they've returned but you simply missed the notification of them returning and they promptly left the premises before you got a hold of them.

To check up on this, you can use the "Track Missions" part of the "Manage Crew" menu. You can either track any mission in progress, or any mission currently completed, or track by specific mission.


Say you want to check if any of your gang members have completed a mission but you missed their return from said mission, you can quickly check this by using the "Missions Completed" option.


This will give you a notification in the top right corner if one or more gang members to meet those criteria are found.

If you simply want to check whether or not any of your Gang Members are currently out on a mission, you use the "Mission in Progress" option. Again, this will give you a notification in the top right corner if one or more gang members to meet those criteria are found.


Lastly, you can track individual missions to check which mission you have already sent someone out on. This might be redundant, but I think it's a fun additional tracking feature.

Click "Track by Mission" to get a list of all the available missions for your current Gang Leader Skill Level.


Click on whichever mission you feel like checking up on and you will, like with the aforementioned options, get a notification in the top right corner of your screen that will tell you whether or not someone is out on that mission and if it's completed or not.


Enable Gangs Cheats

In the previous versions you had one cheat you could use to start creating a gang (if your Sim in question wasn't already a drug dealer with a max level in one of the dealing skills). That cheat was bmg.enable_gangs

This cheat still works, and it gives you a max level in cocaine dealing and the required Cocaine Dealer trait.

Now you have three more cheats in case you rather want to max one of the other dealing skills and get the required dealing traits for said skills.

The cheats are as follows:

  • bmg.enable_gangs (for cocaine dealing)
  • bmg.enable_gangs_cannabis (for cannabis dealing)
  • bmg.enable_gangs_pills (for pills dealing)
  • bmg.enable_gangs_amphetamine (for amphetamine dealing

Gang Members and Doors

Whenever a gang member returned to your HQ from a mission, they did not added to the required venue situation that allowed them to access locked doors.

This will no longer be an issue. The only compromise here is that they will not have "Gang Member" under their name, but rather "Associate". This is to make sure that other Sims you invite to your HQ also get access to the locked doors.

Dead Gang Members

Previously, if a gang member died they would still be a part of your gang as a ghost. This is no longer the case. Once they die they are out of the gang and you will get the option to hire a new gang member to replace the dead one.


  • Requires: The Sims 4, Get to Work and Basemental Drugs  
  • Delete all the old Basemental Gangs files from your Mods folder.
  • Download this Basemental Gangs zip file.
  • Unzip this Basemental  Gangs zip file.
  • Place the files in a folder titled Basemental  Gangs in your Mods folder.
  • Delete the Basemental  Gangs zip file.
  • Delete your localthumbcache.package

Basemental Gangs conflicts with other mods installed that adds custom venues to your game, if you have zerbus Get To School/College mod, LittleMsSams more buyable venues, or other mods that include custom venues delete their Venue Lists.package. (The Venue List.package in this mod includes their venues as well, meaning their mods will still work with only this package installed).

Basemental Gangs does NOT replace Basemental Drugs, but is an addon to Basemental Drugs. Do not delete Basemental Drugs prior to installing Basemental Gangs.

Basemental Gangs 3.15.53

Basemental Gangs 3.15.53
Just a minor update this week, at least in front of the curtains, but a lot of behind the scenes work in terms of restructuring the scripts and making things a whole lot more organized for me to work on future features. And there's some needed bug fixes in here


Changing World

  • Prices starting to stabilize back to normal for MDMA in some regions


  • Convenience Store now works on Tiny Living computers
  • Convenience Store now works on dorm computers
  • Dark Web now works on Tiny Living computers for lvl 4+ Weed Dealers
  • Dark Web now works on dorm computers for lvl 4+ Weed Dealers
  • Added cannabis seed pack to head shop
  • Massive back end restructuring and reorganizing of scripts for Drugs
  • Massive back end restructuring and reorganizing of scripts for Gangs


  • Removed "Remove Smoker" option if no smokers in game world
  • Removed "Set Autonomy Level" for tobacco if no smokers in game world
  • Fixed glitch with assign NPC Dealer in Settings

How it works:

...as it should.
Not too much else to add at this point, mostly bug fixes and behind the scenes stuff.
Remember to update both Drugs and Gangs though, as the old version of Gangs won't work with the new version of Drugs, what with the updates to the script locations.

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0 Рэйчел [Пользователь] (07.04.2020 в 08:39) #1
Почему нет русского перевода для более новый версий?
0 2024end [Администратор] (07.04.2020 в 09:29) #2
Скорее всем просто впадлу переводить :/
+3 ModsGame [Проверенные] (07.04.2020 в 11:13) #3
Если нужно будет не проблема. Могу перевести через 2 дня.
0 Нефрит [Пользователь] (19.04.2020 в 21:45) #4
+1 anniells0356 (08.05.2020 в 18:00) #5
у меня готов перевод, но мне лень всё тут заполнять что б его выложить. кому надо, пишите, направлю по почте.
0 ModsGame [Проверенные] (08.05.2020 в 18:03) #6
Можете кинуть мне в личку я выложу его.




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действительно дубликат оказался. спасибо за помощь.
А, ну тогда понятно. Спасибо)
Версия 1.63, куча модов сломалось, скорее не совместим на данный момент...
И перевод запакован в архив, его нужно распаковывать
В итоге:
мод скачался
перевод не установился (но он для меня не важен)
захожу в создание персов, вношу в характер "Альфа", "Омега". Заселяю персонажей, и идет вечная загрузка
Сейчас посмотрела и у меня перевод мода скачивается не в формате "package"...Что делать - не знаю :'( :'(
Версия игры какая ?
Скачала мод, сделала все по инструкции...Но когда загружается сам "переезд" в дом - дальше не грузит и симс не работает. Не подскажите что делать?
С нетерпением жду, когда же все таки будет экранизация данного творения именно по Д. Глуховскому, голливуд не хочет, может Россия возьмется, при поддержке "министерства культуры и фонда кино :? "
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Можно не удалять все моды, а просто поискать дубликаты WW через поиск Windows в папке с модами. У самого был похожий случай, когда актуальная версия была там, где должна быть (в папке WickedWhimsMod), а более старая версия из-за моей невнимательности попала в корень папки Mods, что и вызывало ошибку, просто удалил лишний WW.
всем привет, ребятки, как мне полностью моды удалить, а то он мне ошибку выдает, что у меня ww два раза установлен.
Добрый день. Немного не поняла, этот мод нужно использовать, если нет максисовского одноименного аддона или можно параллельно с ним?


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